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Tech startups are disrupting everything we can think of.
Yet there is one item that, despite being used by billions of people, has remained untouched for decades.
An object that, what’s more, has a huge impact on the environment. Toilets.

That was before IPEE came into play. A bunch of people determined to rethink sanitary ware from scratch. Using only their drive, technology, and a bit of stubbornness.

Their answer to this toilet nonsense: smart tech. This technology runs your toilets with precision and efficiency.

It measures everything there is to measure, it does the job for you if you forget to do it, and most importantly, it preserves precious resources.

IPEE is committed to keep pushing back the boundaries of what’s possible to eliminate water waste in sanitary ware.

For things that count and for those who count.
We make it count.

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Florien Pénard

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